Medicare Nursing Services:

Launched in 2001 and with over 25 years studying home care standards across various countries, Medicare Nursing Services has firmly established a solid reputation as Andalusia’s principal nurse led health care provider being endorsed by the British Embassy in Madrid.

Whatever your age or situation we can provide you with:
  • Access to highly trained nurses, carers, doctors and specialists who speak your language
  • A personalised, comprehensive service that caters for all your health needs
  • A fully authorised, regulated and insured limited company

We deliver some of our services through the Medicare clinic in La Cala de Mijas, Málaga where we also operate our home care coordination centre while the Community Care at Home Team will come to you wherever your home happens to be in the world.

The Medicare Team - who you’ll be dealing with

It takes a special person to be a member of the Medicare team. For each of us, nursing isn’t just a job, it’s a way of life.

Our multi-disciplinary and talented team of highly skilled and regulated UK trained nurses offer a wealth of experience and cover the full range of specialities from midwifery, general and mental health to nurse consultants.

Together with the support of our UK qualified carers, we’re able to maintain an established and exceptionally motivated group of people who can consistently deliver top quality holistic care using the latest techniques, equipment and procedures.

Everybody who treats and cares for you has had had all their work and personal references rigorously checked including qualifications, regulatory bodies and police searches both in the UK and Spain.

And we don’t just look at technical standards and expertise. We also assess temperament and character. After all, when you’re the one at the receiving end of a service, you want to feel comfortable and relaxed, confident in the knowledge that you’re being give the best possible care available whether that’s delivered in our clinic or in your own home.

The Team
Our Professional Code of Conduct
  • To maintain strict confidentiality at all times in line with the appropriate legislation/law
  • To be accountable for our actions
  • To respect individuality
  • To encourage and assist our clients in maintaining their independence
  • To assist clients in maintaining their skills
  • To know when to listen to our clients needs/concerns/wishes and then act appropriately
  • To act as an effective advocate when appropriate
  • To ensure our clients right to dignity at all times
  • To conduct ourselves in a professional manner at all times and in line with the 'Nursing Code of Conduct'
  • To provide unconditional care to the highest possible standard to all clients, regardless
  • To respect our clients religious, ethnic or cultural beliefs
  • To be respectful to our clients and their environment
Medicare’s Regulatory Framework - for your peace of mind

We continue to satisfy regular in-depth inspection by relevant authorities and are justifiably proud of the fact that not only are our standards superior to the strict criteria set by the Junta de Andalusia but also comply with and exceed those set in Europe.

In addition, Medicare is committed to provide access to on-going training and growth for everybody who works with us in line with the NMC guidelines.

Why Use Medicare?

Collectively as a company and individually as carers and nurses, we understand the importance of seeing each of our clients as unique and not just a collection of symptoms we’ve seen many times before.

Our approach is very much holistic. Even when coping with common illnesses, we recognise it affects your physical, emotional and practical life in ways which can be radically different to somebody else.

Each member of our team has the desire and commitment to do a lot of listening and observing first before they can plan your care in a very personalised way and in a way that shows they see you as somebody important with their own particular concerns, needs and views.

With Medicare, there is no “one size fits all” solution.

We offer a tailored service that is discreet, confidential and as unique as you are whether you come to our clinic or choose to be cared for at home.

Medicare - the Highest Quality Care at a Fair Price

As nurses and carers, our vocation is to heal and restore the body and open the mind.

Following on from that, our mission as a company is to offer excellent value for money, given the premium nursing and individualised health care services available to you.

By using the latest technology and because we’ve developed special relationships with all kinds of care related partners, you can be assured of the best companion for all your needs at a fair price.

Real quality care means, quite simply:

  • The best possible Nurses
  • A fully regulated and authorised company
  • A complete Nursing Care Service that leaves no gaps in the help you want and the service you deserve